Raphaella Smits

Most important to the development of Raphaëlla's musical talents were the interpretation seminars and the masterclasses given by incomparable Jos Van Immerseel, keyboard genius on the harpsichord, pianoforte and organ, and conductor of the orchestra Anima Eterna.

Since those days in the seventies, Raphaella and Jos became real musical soul mates.

    Raphaella with Jos van Immerseel  


preparing for the show: "Just a minute, I'm almost ready".

Rotenburg, Germany (2002-07-23): on stage as successful as in the kitchen !!

Kumamoto, Japan (2002-02-23): on stage, at the reception with Bernard, Yoko and Shingo

Hakata, Japan (2002-02-24): reception / Osaka, Japan (2002-02-26): masterclass

Biwako (2002-02-27): with Misa, on stage, with Hana and Mari

Gevelsberger Gitarrenfestival, Germany (March 2002): with Hubert Käppel, with first prize winner Johannes Möller

Encounter with Leo Brouwer (CU), Brussels 1985.

Encounter with Mario Macaferri (US), New York 1986.

With David Russell at the 3rd Academix International Guitar Happening, Hove 1986.

With Jorge Cardoso at the 4th Academix International Guitar Happening, Corsendonk 1987.

With Jorge Morel at the 9th Academix International Guitar Happening, Alden Biesen 1992.

Visiting Maria Louisa Anido, Barcelona 1994.

With Jos van Immerseel chatting away on the couch at home, Hove 1998.

Covergirl: on the covers of the French guitar magazines 'Les Cahiers de la Guitare' & 'Guitare Classique', France summer 2002.

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