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Comments about Raphaella's playing

Miss Smits is an uncommonly musical guitarist : she has nimble fingers, a prismatic sence of timbre, and a serene dignity that informs all she plays.
Tim Page, New York Times, USA.

Raphaella Smits s'affirme aujourd'hui parmi les interprètes les plus délicats et les plus cultivés.
Jean Bernard, Diapason, France.

La guitare classique a atteint des sommets avec le récital de Raphaella Smits.
Jacques Charles, Les Cahiers de la Guitare et de la Musique, France.

Raphaella Smits, que se revela como una de las máximas estrellas actuales de este instrumento.
S.A., Ritmo, España.

Raphaella Smits' playing is hypnotic, virtuosic and captivating.
Len Verrett from EarlyRomanticGuitar.com, USA.

Smits plays with more heart than anybody should be allowed to have.
Classical Guitar Corner, USA.

My memories of her previous concerts were of wonderful musicianship and passionate intensity, and the big dark sound of her Gilbert eight-string. But this evening she had a bright, loud little 19th-century guitar, and she seemed to have traded in a Mercedes limo for a Porsche. To play Legnani, one has to play with a dramatic virtuosity, and so she did. Her Mertz was marvelously schmaltzy, her Giuliani/Rossini appropriately theatrical, and all played with the sort of technical brilliance most guitarists can only dream of. So, that's how this music was supposed to sound! This concert was the talk of the festival. Brava, Raphaella!.
GFA Soundboard, Vol.XXX, no.1, USA.

Toda una gloria!
Rene Vargas Vera, Argentina.

Entendre Raphaella Smits, c'est vivre intensément les plus beaux moments qu'offre la véritable expression musicale.
André Prévost, Canada.

Eine Meisterin im Evozieren von Stimmungen, entführte Raphaella Smits die Hörer in eine musikalische Dimension, deren Schönheit, Genialität und Perfektion ans Wunderbare grenzten. Mehr als alles andere fasziniert bei Raphaella Smits die Intensität des Spiels. sie ist beim Spielen ungeben von einder Aura der Vollendung, die nur von den ganz großen Gitarrensolisten erreicht wird.
Bianca Flier, Oberbadisches Volksblatt, Deutschland.

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