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A number of Argentinian composers have written work for her, not least among them Cardoso, Cherubito and Morel. In Belgium Wim Henderickx wrote for her, and Philippe Lemaîgre, Jef Maes and Janpieter Biesemans. In Sweden Owe Walter has also composed music with her in mind, and in Brasil Sergio Assad. The musical world has a thing about Raphaella Smits! And what is it with her and music?

Raphaella Smits has a thing about Spain. It's a question of chemistry. She studied there under José Tomàs and it was there that she acquired her force and her knowhow. And in 1986 she was the first woman to win the prestigious Francisco Tarrega guitar competition in Benicasim. She also won prizes in Granada and Palma de Mallorca. These days she is invited with increasing regularity to serve on the jury of international guitar competitions. Jorge Cardoso opened doors for her in Chile and Argentina. She now goes on tour in South America every year. Spaniards and South Americans have a thing about Raphaella Smits. You only have to hear her play to understand why.

Raphaella Smits does not like borders. The world is her village. At one time or another her name has featured on posters all over Europe and North and South America: from San Francisco to Sofia, from Stockholm to Santiago de Chile. For her music is communication. It is something that makes 'alle Menschen Brüder'. It is a way of bringing people of all races, all cultures, all age groups closer together.

Raphaella Smits also has a thing about strings. She prefers eight to six. This is particularly important for the bass part. Whether she is playing Bach or Weiss, classical or contemporary, those eight strings give her guitar playing 'more body'. Indeed, Raphaella Smits has been an ardent advocate of the eight-stringed guitar for the last twenty years. More recently she has also developed a passion for early instruments. A passion she inherited from Jos Van Immerseel, who for years has been looking to achieve authenticity, the essence of music, with early instruments. Raphaella Smits is to be seen - and heard - more and more often with nineteenth-century instruments.

Raphaella Smits loves to work with other musicians. She has been playing with tenor Guy De Mey on a regular basis for twenty years now. Female singers include Lena Lootens and Liliana Rodriguez. Raphaella has also appeared on concert platforms alongside famous names like David Russell, Hubert Käppel, Oscar Ghiglia and Ben Verdery, to name but a few. Music is something she shares. With the public, with colleagues and with pupils. Raphaella Smits' famous masterclasses make a lasting impression. In Belgium she has made a name for herself as a pedagogue at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven.

Raphaella Smits loves life (especially the Spanish way of life) and she lives it to the full. She loves to create culinary masterpieces too. In fact, her very first guitar occupies the place of honour on the kitchen wall. A guitar in the kitchen? Music is part of life, it is life, it must be kept alive. That is why Raphaella likes to perform work by contemporary composers; you 'create' something in the process. A performance by Raphaella Smits is a scintillating experience. You must see her with your own eyes, hear her with your own ears. Her music is music in its purest form. Music at its most absolute.

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