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Raphaella at the Steinerschool
Yesterday: Raphaella in the Waldorf school of Antwerp

Today: the little world citizens in the new Waldorf school of Borgerhout

Even the new parents do enjoy their selfmade sandbox

Auditorium ROMA, Borgerhout, BE
April 11, 2008

Raphaella Smits, once a Steiner student herself, is happy to support this initiative for an extra Waldorf school in Antwerp.

On April 11, 2008 at 8 p.m., Raphaella will play in the Roma Auditorium a benefit concert in aid of De Kleine Wereldburger, (the little world citizen) a new Waldorf school in Borgerhout (Antwerp, Belgium).

More information & tickets at De Roma

Early 2007, at the enrollment for the school year 2007-2008, the 'demand' largely exceeded the 'supply'. Some parents, grandparents and teachers then have taken the initiative to set up a new kindergarten, based on Waldorf education in Borgerhout.

It turned out to be a big adventure to put such a dream into reality in next to no time. Yet this close-knit group of enthusiasts did it: they found a suitable building, well located and (provided a thorough facelift) with a great atmosphere. They worked like mad and achieved to open up the first kindergarden class in the new school on september 2007.

De kleine wereldburger
t Erasmusstraat 39-41
2140 Borgerhout
phone: 03 236 36 62 (Gerda Dries)
de kleine wereldburger website

The established Antwerp Waldorf school supports the project and a lot of sponsors and sympathizers do help with financial aid or with volunteer work.

The intention is to grow from this class for toddlers between 2,5 – 6 years old to a complete primary school, well embeded in the cosmopolitan neighbourhood and adjusted to the needs and the challenges of today's cultural mix. The initiators want to provide the best education for kids from all sections of the population, corresponding the wish of the founder of this pedagogy: Rudolf Steiner.

More information about the Rudolf Steiner pedagogy and the Waldorf schools in Antwerp: www.rudolfsteinerschool.be

zaal Roma, Borgerhout the Roma Auditorium
in Borgerhout
(grand) parents at work in "De Kleine Wereldburger"

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